The Lawson Family Christmas Day Massacre

This is the Lawson family, just two weeks before the father, Charlie Lawson,  killed them on Christmas Day, 1929, in Germanton, North Carolina. Listen to the Most Notorious Podcast (available on Itunes) for an interview with author Trudy Smith about her book, White Christmas, Bloody Christmas.

Charlie Lawson (husband, father, shooter)
Fannie Lawson, 37 (wife, mother)
Marie Lawson, 17
Carrie Lawson, 12
Maybell Lawson,  7
James Lawson, 4
Raymond Lawson, 2
Mary Lou Lawson, 4 months

Only son, Arthur, 16, survived, as he was in town when it happened.

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  1. Well, they certainly don’t look happy… But I wonder why he did this with his son not being there?

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